Active Rehab

What is Active Rehab?

You may have heard about active rehab, or your doctor has recommended active rehab.

Active rehab or active rehabilitation refers to an exercise program that specifically addresses injury.

We have kinesiologists who provide active rehab services.

active rehab treatment

Questions about Active Rehab:

How long are active rehab sessions?

Most sessions are one hour long, and they are one-on-one with a Kinesiologist.

What happens at the first appointment?

The first appointment is usually an assessment. Your Kinesiologist will ask you a series of questions about your body, your injuries, and other related questions.

Exercises will start at the next session.

How do I get started with active rehab?

Most of the clients we see, typically visit their doctor and discuss their injury or how they would benefit from active rehab. After that, the doctor provides a referral slip or makes a recommendation for active rehab in a report. With a doctor or Physiotherapist’s recommendation, you can start active rehab.

Is active rehab covered by insurance or extended medical?

In some cases, if you have extended medical coverage, active rehab may be covered. Please check your policy or with your insurance carrier.

What if I was injured in a car accident?

If you were in a car accident, please make an appointment with your doctor to determine if active rehab is appropriate for you. ICBC covers our active rehab treatment 100%.

Are active rehab and physiotherapy the same thing?

Many people think these treatments are the same thing. But there are some key differences. We have many patients who have been to physical therapy and have moved on to doing active rehab. Some key differences: 

  • Active rehab sessions consist of an hour of gentle injury specific exercises
  • Physiotherapy treatment includes manual therapy (or hands on therapy) while active rehab treatment does not

What are the benefits to doing active rehab?

Participating in active rehab can help you with your injuries. Active Rehab can help your injuries to heal and decrease your pain. Active rehab addresses soft tissue injuries. Going to active rehab appointments can increase your range of motion and strength. 

I was in a car accident a while ago, maybe over a year ago, should I still consider active rehab?

The answer is yes. We have clients who were in car accidents this year, but we also have clients who were in car accidents one or two years ago. If you are considering active rehab, please see your doctor and they can determine if you should move ahead with active rehab.