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Comparing Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists

Overview   If you have ever wondered what the difference between a kinesiologist and a physiotherapist is, or you have no idea what a kinesiologist is to begin with, you have come to the right place. The information that follows will give you a better idea of what each profession is, and when you might […]

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Proper Posture and Postural Cues

What is Good Posture? Posture can be defined as the position or alignment of body parts. Good posture is when our body is positioned in a way that places the least amount of strain on our ligaments, bones, joints, and muscles. Click to read about neutral spine. It should be relatively easy to maintain such […]

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Importance of Neutral Spine

What is Neutral Spine? Neutral spine can be defined as the position in which our spine maintains its natural curvature, and in which it is most biomechanically efficient. In other words, a neutral spine is one that is in ‘good posture.’ It is at its strongest and safest when in this position, and so is […]

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