What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a health science and is defined as the study of human movement. Kinesiologists work in various industries including physical rehabilitation, fitness, ergonomic, wellness and research.

Kinesiology Treatment

Doctor’s prescribe kinesiology treatment to those who have various medical conditions such as a soft tissue injury, heart disease or cancer.


  • increase in strength and function
  • rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries
  • improved movement patterns
  • increased flexibility
  • increased cardiovascular fitness

kinesiology treatment

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Kinesiology treatment covered by insurance?

Kinesiology is sometimes covered by extended medical plans. We suggest you check with your insurance carrier to determine coverage. ICBC covers our services 100% and there are no additional fees.

How long is a Kinesiology session?

A kinesiology session is one hour in length.

Are the Kinesiology sessions one-on-one?

Our Kinesiologists work with you one-on-one. This enables us to give you our full attention.

What is the age range of someone participating in Kinesiology?

We work with clients of all ages. Our youngest client is 12 while our oldest client is 79.

What happens during a Kinesiology assessment?

During an assessment, our Kinesiologist will ask you questions to gather information about your medical situation. The Kinesiologist will have you perform some basic functional tests including range of motion testing. For example, the Kinesiologist may ask you to touch your toes or lift your arm as high as possible to assess your flexibility.

When is it appropriate to start Kinesiology treatment?

It is appropriate to start Kinesiology when you are able to perform gentle movements such as stretches or very simple exercises. You do not have to be able to lift a dumbbell or use a weight machine.

Does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology is extremely effective to treat soft tissue injuries. Performing rehabilitative exercises will help your injured tissue to heal.

How do I know if Kinesiology will help me?

It is recommended you have a discussion with your doctor to find out if Kinesiology will help you. Have your doctor write out a prescription for Kinesiology.

How will my Kinesiology program change over time?

As you progress and your symptoms improve, our Kinesiologist will show you more advanced exercises. This will help you to make further progress.

What is the goal of my Kinesiology program?

The goal of your program will depend on your specific injuries and your situation. Everyone people’s programs are designed to decrease one’s pain and increase their strength and function.  If you are off work due to your injury, your program will also help prepare you physically to return to work.