What We Offer in Our Physiotherapy Clinic

July 31, 2020 Marie Perkins

If you’ve ever suffered from a case of tennis elbow, a strained muscle, or a back injury, you probably know firsthand what a difference a trusted physiotherapist can make in your recovery. Physiotherapy can provide some much-needed pain relief and it’s a therapy that focuses on strengthening the body to restore function and mobility. Physiotherapy […]


How to Create a Basic Exercise Program

April 28, 2019 Thomas Ward

Overview Regular exercise is an essential component of maintaining good health. It is common knowledge that exercise can improve the function of our heart and skeletal muscles, but there are so many other reasons to get up and move, such as improving sleep and cognitive functions, helping to manage stress and anxiety, and reducing the […]


Comparing Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists

November 4, 2018 Thomas Ward

Overview If you have ever wondered what the difference between a kinesiologist and a physiotherapist is, or you have no idea what a kinesiologist is to begin with, you have come to the right place. The information that follows will give you a better idea of what each profession is, and when you might want […]


Maintaining a Fitness Routine While on Holidays

August 27, 2018 Thomas Ward

No One Said It Would Be Easy… While a handful of individuals may find it easy to squeeze in a few workouts while they are on holidays, for the rest of us it can be a rather challenging task. This is because exercise can feel a lot like work, and the last thing we want […]


What is a Sit-Stand Desk?

June 13, 2018 Thomas Ward

Definition A sit-stand desk refers to a desk or desktop workstation that can be height-adjusted to allow the user to switch between standing or sitting positions at their will. These two formats are as follows: The full-sized sit-stand desk typically has the traditional rectangle-shaped desktop, which can be height-adjusted manually or electronically if it is […]


Progressive Overload

April 18, 2018 Thomas Ward

What is Progressive Overload? Progressive overload is the gradual increase in stress placed upon the body in the context of fitness training and physical rehabilitation. As the demands on the body are continuously advanced, it will adapt, quite specifically, to handle the increased load by becoming faster, stronger, more efficient, and so on. Why is […]


Muscle Imbalances (And How They Can Create Pain/Dysfunction)

March 24, 2018 Thomas Ward

What is Muscle Imbalance? Muscle imbalance can be described as an inequality in the distribution of forces between the agonist and antagonist muscles of a joint. In other words, muscles acting in one direction on a joint are pulling harder than muscles acting on the joint in the opposite direction. This can negatively affect how […]


Stages of Healing of a Soft Tissue Injury

February 22, 2018 Thomas Ward

What is Soft Tissue? Soft tissues are any of a variety of tissues that support, connect, or surround other structures in the human body, and that are not rigid like bone. There are many types of soft tissues, such as fat, muscle, fibrous tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia), synovial tissue (found at joints and other structures), […]


Adjusting Your Headrest Could Save You

January 22, 2018 Ann Dreolini

I’m sure that you drive around in your car or truck all the time, but just how comfortable is the headrest? And what about the headrests for your passengers? Comfort is important but there are also other reasons why you need to have a properly adjusted headrest. Once you get into your vehicle, take a […]


Uninsured Drivers

January 11, 2018 Ann Dreolini

As drivers, we often assume that one part of driving a vehicle is having valid insurance. Unfortunately, not everyone who is driving on our streets feels the same way. Uninsured motorists are people operating motor vehicles without insurance, or with insurance that has lapsed or been cancelled. A North American Problem The research and statistics […]